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If you are about to book a hotel on the outskirts of Stockholm or in the center but not really decided yet then you have come right. Here at HotelStockholm.co.uk we'll give you all possible information about which hotels are most popular in Stockholm. We highlight pros and cons of different neighborhoods and specific hotel.

Where in Stockholm should I book a hotel?

There are over 175 nice hotels to choose from in Stockholm. Which place you finally choose often depends on personal taste, location preferences, décor and price sensitivity. We therefore gives you the possibility to easily search, browse, find and book hotels based on your own preferences. Luxury hotels in Stockholm city centre, close to posh Stureplan or at mellow Södermalm?

We help you choose based on your needs, budget and preferences. Below you can first learn more about the pros and cons of different areas:

- Hotels in Stockholm city
Hotels in Östermalm
Hotels in Södermalm
Hotels in Kungsholmen
Hotels in Vasastan
Hotels in Solna
Hotels in Bromma
Hotels in Hägersten
Hotels in Årsta
Hotels in Kista
Hotels in Järfälla
Hotels in Kungens Kurva
Hotels in Spånga
Hotels in Nacka
Hotels in Danderyd
Hotels in Lidingö
Hotels in Vaxholm
Hotels in Täby

Hotels in Stockholm based on price

Perhaps the area is not the most important thing when you reserve a hotel? The truth is that the prices are usually the most important factor for many who book hotels in Sweden. Here are therefore the ability to search and compare Stockholm recommended hotel by price:

  • Stockholms cheapest hotels
  • Great budget hotels in Stockholm (3-star)
  • 4 Star Hotels in Stockholm (minimum)
  • Top luxury hotels in Stockholm (5-star)
  • Most expensive hotels in Stockholm

    Do you have other preferences?

    If neither price or location is what you want to look for, we have four other options below:

  • Unique hotel in Stockholm (different)
  • Boutique Hotels (Small design hotels)
  • New hotels (up to 2 years old)
  • Old Hotel (Stockholm's most prestigious hotels)

    We hope you are satisfied with our breakdown of the accommodation for your booking. If not, then please let us know so we can modify or expand with even more specific categorization. Our goal is to help you find just what you are looking for and are looking for so any suggestions for change are appreciated.

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