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Nacka Hotels

Nacka has some really nice hotel with great views of Mälaren. Here you can enjoy a change of pace despite the proximity to central Stockholm which you can reach by train or boat in less than 45 minutes. Some of our personal favorites among the hotels in Nacka include Hotel J and Quality Nacka Hotel.

If you're looking for a cheaper hotel in Nacka there are some alternative options below. HotelStockholm.co.uk can guarantee that you always receive the lowest possible price. See our recommended options for affordable hotels around Nacka:

There are currently 3 available hotels in Nacka as seen below.

Hotel J  Hotel J
Ellensviksvagen 1

    4 stars
From 1659 SEK per night


Quality Hotel Nacka  Quality Hotel Nacka
Värmdövägen 84

    3 stars
From 981 SEK per night


Hostel Kvarnholmen  Hostel Kvarnholmen
Kvarnholmsvägen 52

    2 stars
From 739 SEK per night


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