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Kungens Kurva hotel

Going to a trade show in Kungens Kurva? You're not alone. This area is very popular for trade shows and events. It is often convenient to book a hotel in Kungens Kurva so you do not have to think about transportation after a long day. The last thing you want is probably sitting on a crowded subway or pay an expensive taxi that will be stuck in traffic after a long day at the trade show.

Unfortunately, there are not so many hotel choices around Kungens Kurva but what is available is of the highest quality. At Hotel Stockholm we can also ensure that you get the guaranteed lowest price. See our recommended options for affordable hotel in Kungens Kurva below:

There are currently 3 available hotels in Kungens Kurva as seen below.

Hotell Dialog  Hotell Dialog
Dialoggatan 1

    2 stars
From 834 SEK per night


Scandic Kungens Kurva  Scandic Kungens Kurva
Ekgårdsvägen 2

    3 stars
From 1120 SEK per night


Hotel Månen  Hotel Månen
Manskarsvagen 9

    3 stars
From 447 SEK per night


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