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Bromma flygplats hotel

An affordable hotel near Bromma airport can be especially useful if your flight is severely delayed or postponed to the next day. Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that flights to or from Bromma to Malmö, Umeå, Visby, Gothenburg and Tallinn face delays.

Luckily, our hotel inspectors found the best hotels in Bromma for those who are about to book an overnight stay. Some of our recommendations include cheap Hotel Äppelviken, cosy Mornington hotel or 4-star Brommavik hotel.

But there are a number of other hotels you can book in Bromma as well. Please find our selection of available hotels in Bromma below. We guarantee the lowest prices:

There are currently 9 available hotels in Bromma as seen below.

Mornington Hotel Stockholm Bromma  Mornington Hotel Stockholm Bromma
Norrbyvagen 30

    3 stars
From 807 SEK per night


StayAt Stockholm Bromma  StayAt Stockholm Bromma
Vidaengsvaegen 9

    3 stars
From 1164 SEK per night


Brommavik Hotel  Brommavik Hotel
Karlsbodavägen 45

    4 stars
From 1290 SEK per night


Scandic Alvik  Scandic Alvik
Gustavslundsvägen 153