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Hägersten hotel

An affordable hotel in Hägersten may be a great option if you plan to spend some time in Södermalm or just south of the city centre. You can quickly get in to both Söder and Stockholm city by metro or taxi.

Some of the metro stations found in this area include Mälarhöjden, Hägerstenåsen and Telefonplan. Many of our recommended hotels around Hägerstensvägen only costs about 500-700 sek (approx. £50-70) per night. Some examples are budget hotel Ibis Stockholm Hägersten or Metro Hotel. If you are about to book hotels in Hägersten make sure to do it here, since we have the guaranteed lowest prices:

There are currently 3 available hotels in Hagersten as seen below.

Hotel Attache  Hotel Attache
Cedergrensvagen 16

    3 stars
From 767 SEK per night


Ibis Stockholm Hägersten  Ibis Stockholm Hägersten
Vastertorpsvagen 131

    3 stars
From 500 SEK per night


Metro Hotel  Metro Hotel
Vretensborgsvaegen 14

    3 stars
From 545 SEK per night


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