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Suspected killer at Hotel Birger Jarl still not sent to trials

polisen stockholms län
At the end of May 2013 there was a murder at four-star Hotel Birger Jarl in Stockholm. A young woman was found lifeless at the popular hotel in Östermalm, but there were no signs of external damage. If it is due to alcohol poisoning, drugs or any other type of conduct in connection with his death are still unclear. Police in Stockholm have done a forensic examination at Birger Jarl hotel after the incident and they also questioned both employees and guests at this popular venue.

It’s very unusual with deaths on hotels in Stockholm and the police can not confirm that they have been able to trace any similar cases in the last years.

34-year-old caught on camera Birger Jarl

A surveillance camera have caught the suspected killer on the way out from the Birger Jarl Hotel at 8 o’clock in the morning. Apparently the young woman checked into the hotel at 4am on a Saturday morning in late April. A man is under arrest and trial is expected in the coming weeks. If you have any information about the suspected killer or what may have led to the death, you are welcome to contact the police in Stockholm.

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