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Stockholms 3 Most Expensive Hotels vs NYC & Dubai

The most expensive hotels in Stockholm is not always the best or most popular. In an international comparison by Hotel Stockholm (www.hotelstockholm.co.uk), it has been found that even Stockholm’s most luxurious hotels is also expensive compared to 5 star hotels in Dubai, New York and London. Stockholm’s most luxurious, most exclusive and most expensive hotel rooms often cost about 1/3 of what you have to pay for the expensive hotels in New York, Dubai and London.

Not even five stars for two Stockholm hotels in top list

Some of the most expensive hotels in Stockholm has not even 4 stars. It is rather unique attributes, great location and storied wine cellar receiving rates to stand up. Some neighborhoods may have conferences and trade shows, concerts, or other types of arrangement pulling up prices in a given period. Make sure that you always compare hotels in Stockholm before you book.

Stockholm’s most expensive and best hotels

Hotel Stockholm found that the city’s best or at least the hotel often chosen hotel by celebrities, Grand Hotel, is not the most expensive. An average night at Grand Hotel in Stockholm costs ‘only’ about £450-500 per night. Here is the list of the currently most expensive hotels in the comparison period *.

-Hotel Stureplan - £658 per night.
-Gåshaga Sealodge - £577 per night.
-Hotel Freys - £533 per night.
Average price in Stockholm: £589 per night

Dubai’s most expensive and best hotels

Dubai is well known for having the world’s only 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab. While a night often can be booked from about £1200 to £1500, there are some times when it the price is substantially higher. But Burj Al Arab is not necessarily the best hotel for your wallet or just the district that you want to visit most. For many of us on hotelstockholm.co.uk then Al Qasr Madinat Jumeirah is seen as the top hotel deal in Dubai, while The Address Dubai Marina is one of the newer luxury hotels with excellent address (obviously) and good service for a relatively cheap price (less than £250 per night). Here, in any case, the list of the most expensive available hotels in Dubai for the comparative period *:

-Burj Al Arab - £1847
-Al Maha - £1682
-Mina A Salam Madinat Jumeirah - £1009
Average Price in Dubai: £1512 per night.

New York’s most expensive and best hotels

NYC and Lower Manhattan in particular has some of the world’s most expensive and finest hotels. In view of house and apartment prices in central New York, it is perhaps not surprising that the city is forced to have high hotel prices. But which is the most affordable luxury hotel in NYC? Our correspondent expert in Manhattan says that The Peninsula New York, just over 7000 per night is one of the best options. Thereafter, one should not underestimate the Mandarin Oriental New York, which costs about 6200 per night. Best prices for hotels in New York found here. But if you go by the motto ‘most expensive is best “, here is the list of the most expensive available hotels in Dubai for the comparative period *:

-The Waldorf Towers - £1770
-The St. Regis - £1401
-Four Seasons New York - £1327
Average price in NYC: £1499 per night.

*The comparative period and other facts: The study was conducted on 21-23 June 2013 and used prices from book hotels in Stockholm, booking engine on our own site, http://NY.co.uk and the corresponding source for Dubai.

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