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Stockholm hotel prices increase 26 % during Summer

Prices to stay at hotels in Stockholm has increased sharply during summer, about 26% on average, reports Trivago. All indications are that few other cities have grown so fast and increased hotel prices that much. The study reveals that Stockholm is the city where hotel rates have increased third fastest in the world during 2012 compared to last year. An average hotel night in Stockholm costs about £165 this summer. Copenhagen grew “only” 10% this year and the summer season hit a new record with prices around £147 per night.

Fastest prices increase in Cannes

Prices for a hotel night in Cannes increased faster than any other city in the world; around 30% price increase during the festival in May. Only one other town are at the same level, Munich, where prices also increased at the same rate.

Stockholm may be considered stable in comparison with, for example, Malaga and Seville, where prices went down 16 and 23% during the last month. Athens fell too quickly with a 16% decrease in hotel prices and an average level of 900.

Europe’s most expensive cities for holidays in May are as follows:
1. Geneve
2. Venice
3. London
4. Paris
5. Stockholm

So at least a hotel night in Stockholm is still considerable cheaper than Switzerland, London and Paris.

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