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Ett Hem in Stockholm Qualify as a Luxury Hotel

rum på ett hem stockholm
Hotel Stockholm has noted that Ett Hem in Stockholm is now classified as a luxury hotel. It’s not every day that SLH adds new hotels in Stockholm, but this year it was apparently time.

Why select Ett Hem on Östermalm?

The name reveals perhaps a part of how unique this Stockholm hotel actually is. The idea has always been to create, that’s right, a Home (Ett hem means ‘a home’) - and not a hotel experience. There are only 12 fresh rooms and suites at the hotel, but guests often appreciate being treated like friends rather than guests. On Ett Hem in Stockholm, one can expect that the staff knows your name and offers friendly service. This small boutique hotel in Stockholm offers spacious rooms, a spa, library, bar and restaurant for lunch and supper.

The hotel is located in Östermalm, just a few minutes walk from the city center and all the upscale shopping and fine dining at Stockholm’s finest addresses. You can enjoy a private collection of art and photography, a spacious gym and relaxing lounge. Car hire is also possible to order directly from the hotel. On the back of Ett Hem there is a garden where you can enjoy the sun (if it occurs). We understand from the tasteful decor, tasteful luxury rooms and the excellent meals that this could quickly become one of the more popular small luxury hotels in Scandinavia.

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