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Clarion Hotel in Stockholm allow guests paying with artwork

Are you short on money or do you want to book a cheap hotel stay in Stockholm? Then, Clarion Hotel opened up a new opportunity that might be interesting, at least if you have artistic talents..

How the idea was born to pay with artwork?

Clarion’s CEO’s grandfather was for most of his career an artist. To honor him, Clarion hotel in Stockholm are now letting guests pay with a painting, allowing at least two nights free at the popular venue. There are not any clear boundaries yet for what counts as art worthy 2 free nights, except that the artwork must fit on an A4 paper and that it should be signed by the artist himself. Leaderboard must be presented upon arrival at the hotel. If you have further questions or are interested paying with artwork instead of money, it is recommended that you contact the Clarion hotel directly when booking. The offer is only valid during 2012 and the terms and conditions might change over time.

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